Richard O’Brien’s


Wolverhampton Grand

4th - 19th October 2019



When the Rocky Horror Show comes to town, you know that you are going to be treated to far more  drama than that on the stage. With its cult following of fans from all walks of life, and an age range of late teens to late fifties, you are presented with a dramatic spectacle before, after and indeed throughout the show.


Dressed in basques, fishnet tights and knee high boots, the audience enter the auditorium and waits in excited anticipation for the show to begin. With audience participation throughout it seems that there is a cast of hundreds rather than the few that are actually on stage.


Written by Richard O’Brien and first produced in 1973 it has become a cult musical with a world-wide reputation and songs such as ‘Let’s do the Time Warp’ have the audience on their feet before you can say Riff Raff!


For those that have never seen the show, it begins with its two central characters, Janet (Joanne Clifton) and her very recently engaged partner Brad (James Darch), stranded in the middle of nowhere after their car breaks down.


Seeing lights coming from a large country house, they knock the huge gothic door, hoping that there will be a telephone that they can use.


From this point they are drawn into the strange goings on and bizarre lifestyle of the inmates of the house and their lives are changed forever as they are robbed of their innocence and naivity.


Frank ‘n Furter, the Transylvanian transvestite is brilliantly played by Stephen Webb. He plays the audience in the most provocative way and is responded to accordingly.


Philip Franks portrays the role of narrator and reminds the audience of what is happening in the story. His easy manner and occasional adlibbing brings an air of normality to the show although I was a little disappointed that he didn’t don the basque and fishnets for the finale!


The remainder of the cast all supported and played their roles magnificently. If you haven’t seen the show give it a go, but only if you are not easily offended. With a new set, characters from another planet and wonderful atmospheric lighting, the show is ready to woo another generation of audiences that will continue to make this a show to remember.
















The Rocky Horror Show runs at the Wolverhampton Grand until Saturday 19th October.

Grand Theatre
Lichfield Street
Box Office: 01902 42 92 12