Comedy Theatre


July 3 -September 29, 2019

Reviewed by Peter Kemp

Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre is the venue for one amazing musical, Come From Away. He story of the small town of Gander,  Newfoundland which in 1938 had the largest airport in the world. Since the advent of jet travel, it was not so often used but kept up to date.

With the shocking results of 9/11, 38 aircraft were diverted to Gander carrying 6597 passenger from 92 countries. They remained on the aircraft for several hours before being allowed to leave.

The effect on the town of was unbelievable. A town of 10,000 people suddenly being increased by 6597.

The musical brings home the results of this invasion.

A cast of 12 playing innumerable roles from the townsfolk of to the weary and tired travellers from across the globe.

The stage set simply with a backdrop resembling a wall of logs with a couple of doors, one representing the aircraft and one for on and off stage exists. The remainder of the stage was set with tables and chairs representing vehicles, and interior of bars and homes.

All the cast were perfect in their roles, really capturing the characters they were portraying.

A very poignant story but plenty of laughs with the mix-ups of understandings and when several of the passengers became honorary citizens of Newfoundland.

No interval which was understandable as such a story really could not be broken up.
Each story was taken from interviews with the people involved making each item in the production based on real life and added to the poignancy of the production.


A standing ovation was given by the Melbourne audience and then a Celtic band came on stage. The result was hilarious, the music was terrific and the audience, still standing, clapped and danced to the music making a wonderful end to theatre.

Definitely a show not to be missed and in this day and after 9/11 a story of how people rise to an occasion such as this and inspires the best in all of us.

240 Exhibition St.
VIC 3000
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