Stage Traffic Productions & Eilene Davidson

present the world premiere of




by Sarah Rutherford


directed by Hannah Price


Trafalgar Studios

15 October – 23 November 2019

THE GIRL WHO FELL is a new play that tackles the thorny modern-day blights of slut-shaming and bullying on social media.


We meet teenage twins Billy (Rosie Day) and Lenny (Will Fletcher) just after the funeral of fellow teenager, Sam. As well as attending the same school, Sam was Billy’s best friend and Lenny’s girlfriend. 


Sam’s mother (Claire Goose) is eaten up with guilt. She is convinced that she is to blame for her daughter’s death. Her life starts to look up when she’s chatted up by a consultant anaesthetist (Navin Chowdhry) but all is not what it seems.


Each character grapples with how to cope with Sam’s death. The twins are strangely emotionless given their closeness to Sam. Goby Billy endlessly quotes Shakespeare. Lenny gets into running and Sam’s mother drowns herself in whiskey while being tempted to try something stronger.


The anaesthetist seems desperate to make a connection with Sam’s mother. Is it love at first sight or has he just not discovered Plenty of Fish yet? Or is something else entirely motivating him to get close to Sam’s mother?


Sam’s mother finally decides that the best way to get over her daughter’s death is to dabble with class A drugs and unprotected sex. Luckily the anaesthetist is around to oblige. Does that behaviour solve anything or just create new problems?


Everybody keeps asking themselves the same questions; why did Sam die and did they have any culpability in her death?


THE GIRL WHO FELL examines the stresses and pitfalls that face todays teenagers such as; trying drugs, managing their sexuality, protecting their reputation and dealing with being bullied.


But how do you handle life after a death if you’re the bully?    


A thought provoking new play.                                                                                                                                                         


Review by Sarah Monaghan

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Performances: Mon-Sat at 7.45pm, Thurs & Sat 3.00pm

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Running Time: To be confirmed

14 Whitehall
  SW1A 2DY
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