by Max Cox

Director: Kristin McCarthy Parker.


Alex Theatre

St Kilda

until August 12 2018

Review by Peter Kemp

An International premiere of Puffs having been successfully performed Off Broadway for three years and Melbourne has had the privilege of being the first city and Australia the first country outside USA to present Puffs.

“Hufflepuffs” finally get their moment in the spoof of Harry Potter. For seven years a certain boy went to a certain Wizard School and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story. This is a story of the Puffs… who just happened to be there too. A tale for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.

May 31. 2018 saw the Melbourne opening night at the Alex Theatre St Kilda where many of the audience (fans) rolled up in costumes to suit the occasion.

The theatre was decorated as a certain school of magic giving the atmosphere of the evening.

The stage was set with four doors with a brick wall in the centre which opened at various times. Such as the talking hat, and various monsters as required.

Naturally the production has the usual three, Wayne, from Australia, Oliver also from Australia and Megan the girl who can’t maker friends and thinks she should not be in Puffs.

Wayne was given a great interpretation by Ryan Hawke who captured the boy who wanted to be recognised preferably as a hero. Oliver his mate was played by Brockett, another good performer with a good rapport with Wayne and Megan. Megan was played by Eva Seymour who really caught the right interpretation of such a character.

The balance of the cast gave positive interpretations of their and a high standard of acting. roles, full of energy with great timing, smooth performances

A great asset to the Melbourne Theatre Scene and a production not to be missed, especially for Harry P{otter fans.

In the play one might notice some similarities of the aforementioned school of magic.


Photo by Ben Fon

Eva-Seymour, Keith-Brockett, Tammy-Weller, Matt-Whitty, Annabelle-Tudor, Rob-Mills, Daniel-Cosgrove, Zenya-Carmellotti, Ryan-Hawke, Olivia-Charalambous

Puffs or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a
Certain School of Magic & Magic.


Puffs has on Jul 17 announced a final extension to its season at the Alex Theatre. It will now play an additional two weeks, concluding its record smashing Melbourne run on Sunday August 12. 2018


Puffs will not only become the longest running play in Melbourne this century by the time the season concludes, it will actually be the longest running play in Melbourne for the past 48 years. Noted theatre historian Frank van Straten confirmed that not since the famous season of The Boys in the Band at the original Playbox Theatre has a play run for so long. That season commenced on June 3. 1969 and closed on February 7. 1970.


The Puff season at the Alex Theatre St. Kilda, will have notched up 92 performances over the course of its 11.5-week season, which commenced on May 26. 2018, and wraps up on August 12. 2018. In the coming weeks, it will soon surpass Warhorse that ran for 10 weeks in Melbourne from December 23, 2012 through March 3. 2013.


Meanwhile the New York production of Puffs continues its record-breaking run at New World Stages, celebrating 500 performances Saturday July 21. 2018.


Audiences and critics have been overwhelmingly united in their response to Puffs since the show opened to rave reviews and continues to receive 5star praise from all those who experience its hilarity night after night.


Puffs continues its remarkable success with eight performances each week including two weekend matinees designated "family friendly" for ages 8 and above with evening performances recommended for audiences aged 15 years and above.

135 Fitzroy Street 
St. Kilda
Ph. 03 8534 9500