Conceived & Directed by

John McColgan


Composed by

Brian Byrne


Concept Development/Lyrics by

Joseph O’Connor


Piccadilly Theatre 

4 September - 13 October 2019

Review by Sarah Monaghan


HEARTBEAT OF HOME is a wonderful opportunity to see amazing Riverdance style Irish dancing along-side a rich variety of dancing from around the world, mainly Latin (Flamenco, Cha Cha and Tango) as well as modern freestyle and street.


HEARTBEAT OF HOME is a dance extravaganza that follows a narrative arc, starting years ago with Irish immigrants forced to leave home in search of a better life. On their journey to a new land they experience hopes, fear, dreams, a storm and a taste of other cultures such as the sensual Latin dances and freestyle African moves.


In Act Two we move to the current generation of immigrants who have made America their home but without forgetting their original roots. Again we are treated to all the different wonderful styles of dance but this time there is also a clever crossover and integration of styles.


The dancing is amazing, perfectly executed, incredibly athletic and graceful. I found the differences in styles so interesting. The Irish dancing commands all attention to the legs and feet, the dancers faces are emotionless, the mens’ hands are in fists and it is always the left leg that is kicked highest. The Latin dances (apart from Cha Cha) are slower, the whole body moves sinuously into appealing forms, there is sensuality and seduction. The modern freestyle celebrates athleticism, strength and emotional expression.


The cinemascope backdrop transports us from Ireland, across the waves, through a storm to the backstreets of New York, across the dessert and beyond, often following the flight of a bald-headed eagle.


The musicians and singer were incredible. They had to play very different styles of music from around the world on a host of different instruments each with no music sheets, and the singer, Laura Azania, had to sing in very different styles and in different languages.


I was truly blown away by the level of talent on display. The standing ovation was richly deserved.


A very high energy evening. If you love dancing and live music this is a must see.



Tickets from £25


Choreography/Musical Staging David Bolger


Irish Dance Choreography John Carey

Piccadilly Theatre
16 Denman Street 
London W1D 7DY
Box Office  020 7099 0930